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Catholic Diocese of Kansas City St. Joseph

The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City St. Joseph

The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City St. Joseph is a relatively small Midwestern diocese. Originally, erected as the Diocese of Kansas City in 1880, it was joined with the territory of St. Joseph in 1956. It is part of the ecclesiastical province of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Its present bishop is Robert W. Finn who was ordained bishop as coadjutor of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in 2004. Coadjutor means that Finn had the right to succeed the bishop at the time Raymond Boland.

Just a month prior to his ordination as a bishop, Finn became a member of the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, which is associated with Opus Dei, widely considered an arch-conservative and highly
In August 2008, the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph agreed to settle sex abuse lawsuits filed against it for $10 million. The settlement involved 40 survivors and 12 priests, including the former Bishop Joseph Hart. In addition to the monetary settlement, the resolution of the sex abuse lawsuit included a provision that included mandatory reporting of anyone suspected of sexually abusing a minor.


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Priest Father Wert Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Attorney

William Wert Venice FL Sexual Abuse And Child Molester

William C. Wert made his Solemn Profession in the Roman Catholic Order of Carmelites in 1980 and was ordained a Catholic priest in 1986. In 2004, Fr. Wert was named Prior of Whitefriars Hall in Washington DC, which is a house of formation for the Carmelites. In this position as the Director of Formation, he oversaw all the levels of formation for the Carmelite students. He continued in his role as coordinator for the Province's vocation team. Wert belonged to the Province of the Most Pure Heart ofMary, Roman Catholic Order of Carmelites. The headquarters are located in DarienIllinois. Carmelites from this province serve in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois,Kansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Canada, Mexico, and Peru.


Diocese of Rochester NY New York Priest Abuse Lawsuit Pedophile Watch

Rochester New York Pedophile Priest List

The Diocese comprises 12 counties in New York State (Monroe, Cayuga, Livingston, Wayne, Tioga, Tompkins, Ontario, Seneca, Schuyler, Yates, Steuben, and Chemung) with 350, 000 Catholics in 125 parishes. The Diocese was created in 1868.

Since the 1950’s, at least 19 priests of the Diocese of Rochester have been accused of priest sexual abuse.

Reverend David Bonin

abused two boys during the 1980’s.

Rev Thomas Burr

ordained 1961; removed in 2002 after abuse allegations surfaced

Reverend Albert Cason

ordained 1962; removed in 1985 after numerous sex abuse allegations

Rev Bernard Casper

ordained 1955; originally ordained for Pueblo CO; abused boys in Rochester, two of whom were in the custody of Casper as their guardian. Rochester diocese denied giving Casper permission to serve as a priest

Reverend Thomas Corbett

ordained 1965; charged with 3rd degree sex abuse of a woman

Rev John Costello, SJ

ordained 1984; accused of sex abuse of 15 year old high school student

Reverend Eugene Emo

ordained 1961; arrested and convicted of sexually abusing a 31 year old mentally disabled man; He’s had numerous prior sex abuse allegations. In 1999, charged with violating his probation by having contact with a 16 year old boy

Rev John Gormley

ordained 1959; admitted to abuse of boy in 1966; ordained in spite of church knowledge of previous sex abuse

Reverend David Gramkee

ordained 1966; abused teen girl in 1970’s

Rev Robert Hammond

ordained 1967; abused boy while director of Summer Youth Program

Reverend William Lum

ordained 1969; pled guilty in 1997 of sexual abuse of 16 year old boy in 1992

Rev Robert O’Neill

ordained 1962; abused and sued by 10 men.

Reverend Foster Rogers

ordained 1966; two men accused him of abuse when they were young boys in 1970’s.

Rev Dennis Sewar

charged with abuse of 14 year old boy

Reverend David Simon

ordained 1967; abused teenage boys from 1973 to 1982. Removed in 2002 after victims complained that Diocese knew about abuse and had failed to remove him earlier.

Rev John Steger

ordained 1951; charged with sexually abusing 12 year old girl. Died before trial.

Reverend Francis Vogt

ordained 1938; Vogt molested pre-teen boys in 1950s-1970s at St. Bridget Church

Rev Michael Volino

charged with possession of child porn on his computer. Pled guilty and registered as a sex offender.

Diocese of Syracuse NY New York Priest Abuse Lawsuit Pedophile Watch

Syracuse New York Priest Abuse Watch

Diocese of Syracuse There are approximately 300,000 Catholics in 142 parishes in the Diocese of Syracuse. The Diocese was created in 1886 from the Archdiocese of New York. The Diocese covers seven counties of Central and South Central New York State. The seven counties are Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga and Oswego.

Since the 1950’s at least 17 priests have been credibly accused of sexual abuse. Those are the figures that have been reported. It’s estimated that many more remain unreported to officials.

Rev Daniel Casey

ordained 1975; abused at least three boys and sued; cases settled for $475,000.

Rev Donald Crosby

ordained 1963; abused teenage girls at a Utica Catholic school in 1970’s.

Rev Francis Furfaro

ordained 1941; abused from 1949 to 1987; seven victims have come forward thus far.

Rev Bernard Garstka

ordained 1948; A former altar boy accused the late Bernard A. Garstka, a priest at St. Mary's from 1962 to 1964, of rape, court documents show. Garstka served in brief stints beginning in the 1950s at St. Anne's Church in Binghamton, Blessed Sacrament Church in Johnson City and at St. Stanislaus Church in Binghamton.

Rev John Harrold

ordained 1973; arrested in 1983 for sending child porn through mail.

Rev James Hayes

ordained 1965; abuse allegations first surfaced in 1990 but he was not removed until they resurfaced in 2002.

Rev Donald Hebert

ordained 1981; Hebert admitted to abusing a 14 year old during a camping trip. Police never charged him. Coordinated religious activities for Boy and Girl Scouts

Rev Thomas Keating

ordained 1966; abused girl after she told priest that another priest had raped her. Keating served in the following parishes: Most Holy Rosary Church, Maine, Broome County, 1993 ?, St. Mary's Church, Cortland, 1982 1993 Our Lady of Angels Church, Endwell, 1980, St. James Church, Johnson City, 1975 1978

Rev William Lorenz

ordained 1963; seduced and abused teenage girl; Lorenz sent to St. Luke’s Institute in Maryland for counseling and then reassigned as a priest

Rev John Lugowski

ordained 1976; Franciscan priest served in Syracuse Diocese; in 1987 pled guilty to felony sexual abuse of 10 year old boy; admitted to abusing five boys from 1981 1987

Rev Chester Misercola

ordained 1964; abused 14 year old boy using porn and alcohol to seduce him.

Rev Thomas Neary

ordained 1954; abused and raped hundreds of boys according to news reports.

Rev Albert Proud

ordained 1968; abused two boys in 1970’s. Diocese determined one accusation credible

Rev James Quinn

ordained 1958; Director of Office of Vocation Promotion; abused boys in 1960’s and 1970’s. Diocese returns him to active ministry in 2004.

Rev H. Charles Sewall

admitted to abusing high school boy while priest was principal of school

Rev Thomas Trane

ordained 1960; abused two boys in Oswego parish

Rev John Zeder

raped a woman and threatened to put her in a mental institution if she told anyone

Diocese of Rockville Centre Priest Abuse Lawsuit Pedophile Watch

Rockville Centre NY Priest Abuse Lawsuit Pedophile Watch

The Diocese, created in 1957, comprises the counties of Nassau and Suffolk Counties (Long Island). The diocese serves 1.3 million Catholics in 134 parishes. In its 52 year history it has had four bishops, most notorious of whom has been the present bishop, Bishop William Murphy, originally from Boston. Murphy became the Bishop of Rockville Centre in 2001. Murphy was one of Cardinal Law’s top lieutenants in Boston and was implicated in the transfer of many sexually abusive priests in the Archdiocese of Boston. Murphy has not changed his ways in Rockville Centre, refusing to provide any pastoral outreach to sexual abuse victims.

Pedophile Priests in Rockville Centre

Rev. Peter Allen

ordained 1971; The Diocese of Rockville Centre called the allegation against him “credible” in 2006. At the time of the allegation, Allen was serving at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Mattituck.

Rev. Daniel Babis

ordained circa 1949; Babis abused family members dating back to the 1950’s and 1960’s. He was repeatedly moved from parish to parish before dying in Florida in 1978.

Rev. James Bergin

ordained 1961; Raymond Trypuc was abused by Bergin when he was a young boy. Trypuc later became addicted to drugs and when he reported the abuse years later to the Diocese of Rockville Centre he was offered $25,000 in 1993 to keep the matter out of the public eye. Trypuc died of an overdose.

Rev. Brian Brinker

ordained 1988; abused 14 year old Matthew Moraitis on a plane trip. Bishop Murphy fought to have Brinker return to active ministry in spite of the sexual abuse allegation.

Rev. Michael Carroll

ordained 1985; named in the 2003 Suffolk County Grand Jury Report as having abused numerous children and leaving parishes abruptly.

Rev. William Burke

ordained 1946; abused an elementary school student at St. Lawrence the Martyr in Sayville in the 1970’s.

Rev. John Butler

ordained 1957; accused of “inappropriate conduct with a minor” in the 1950 60’s.

Rev. Gerard Chasse

ordained circa 1971; identified in 2003 Suffolk Grand Jury Report

Rev. Bail Congro

ordained 1978; accused and sued for sodomizing a boy in early 1980’s. He was transferred to Fresno, CA and became a Navy chaplain; then transferred to Charleston, SC. He was accused of sexual abuse in the confessional as well.

Sister Gloria Czarniewicz

abused a young girl while Mother Superior of a religious order in NY in 1968 69.

Rev. Thomas Devita

ordained 1978; publicly confessed to sexual abuse of 16 year old boy in 1978. Auxiliary Bishop Ryan told mother that he would intervene. However, Devita continued as a priest until 2002 in Diocese of Kalamazoo.

Rev. Angelo Ditta

ordained 1986; abused a 9 year old boy in 1997 but kept working without publication of 1997 abuse until 2002. He was identified as priest “H” in 2003 Suffolk Grand Jury Report.

Rev. Peter Duvelsdorf

ordained 1958; molested two brothers in 1978; arrested for public lewdness in 1997

Rev. Matthew Fitzgerald

ordained 1968; abused boy in Rockville Centre before transferring to Diocese of Palm Beach in Florida in 1989 where he was accused four more times in Florida parishes. Identified as priest “B” in Suffolk County Grand Jury Report.

Rev. Michael Hands

ordained 1993; arrested and charged with sexual abuse of a 13 year old. Spent two years in prison on other sexual abuse charges.

Rev. Kenneth Hasselbach

ordained 1966; abused boy in 1974; arrested in January 2009 for internet child pornography.

Rev. Robert Huneke

ordained 1969; abused boys in Rockville Centre and later in Florida where he was transferred. He worked as a high school guidance counselor in Atlanta before his death in 2002.

Rev. William Logan

1969; abused girls in 1970’s 1980’s, reinstated by Bishop in 2006.

Rev. John Mahoney

ordained 1960; abused boy on trip to West Point in 1967. Became Air Force Chaplain.

Rev. Gabriel Massaro OFM Cap

ordained 1966; popular mission preacher who traveled the country, especially Florida. Accused of molesting several Long Island boys; head of Youth Ministry for Northern Province of Capuchins

Rev. Joseph McComiskey

ordained 1970; pastor of St. Edward the Confessor Church, Syosset forced to resign after abuse hotline complaint against him.

Brother Thomas McConaghy

a LaSalle brother abused a student from 1973 1975 prior to his ordination as a priest for the Diocese of Norwich. Norwich ordained him in spite of knowledge of abuse allegation.

Rev. Finnian McGee

abused a 12 year old boy when McGee was his homeroom teacher.

Rev. Brian McKeon

ordained 1977; McKeon abused one boy in 1987 who may have committed suicide. He then began abusing brother of first victim. He abused at least seven other boys and is named in the Suffolk County Grand Jury Report.

Rev. George Michell

ordained 1964; abused youth who came forward 20 years after the abuse.

Rev. Andrew Millar

ordained 1958; Millar was ordained in Ireland but worked in the Diocese of Rockville Centre since 1964; arrested and plead guilty to molesting a developmentally disabled boy in a bathroom. Sentenced 1 3 years in prison.

Rev. James Miller

ordained 1983; abused two boys and sued in 1994. Diocese of Rockville Centre settled the suit against Miller’s will, according to the priest. Miller sent to study canon law after accusations.

Rev. Salvatore Miraglia

ordained 1975; asked teenage boys to undress; worked in Pompano Beach Florida as well.

Rev. John Mott

ordained 1956; molested young girls, some of whom filed suit which were dismissed due to statute of limitations.

Rev. Joseph Mundy

ordained in 1981; groomed a 14 year old boy for sex by telling him how lonely he was. Refused to go to treatment at St. Luke’s Institute

Brother Howard Murphy

Marist brother who abused in 1984 while at St. Mary's High School in Manhasset. Rev. Kenneth Nee ordained 1953; sexually abused a teen in 1960’s

Rev. Louis Newman

ordained 1958; faculties removed but working in San Diego diocese for 10 years.

Rev. Alan Placa

a civil attorney and the Diocese of Rockville Centre’s point person for sexual abuse allegations was himself accused of abuse. He is a close associate of former NY Mayor Rudy Guiliani and has worked for him. Placa once said that it’s his job to protect the bishop when asked about a sex abuse accusation against a priest.

Rev. Charles Ribaudo

ordained 1967; accused of abusing Rev. Michael Hands, himself a priest abuser. A prolific fundraiser, Hands accused the Diocese of offering him hush money to keep allegations against Ribaudo quiet.

Rev. Brendan Riordan

ordained 1970; abused minor at House of Affirmation in Worcester, MA; Riordan remains an active priest

Rev. Robert Saccacio

ordained 1961; accused of fondling an altar boy in the church sacristy at St. John of God Church in Central Islip in the 1970s

Rev. Thomas Saloy

ordained 1988; pled guilty to possessing over 600 images of child pornography on his church computer. Sentenced to prison for 3 ½ years.

Rev. Richard Schaefer

ordained 1958; 10 year old boy molested Schaefer at St. Philip Neri Church in Northport, at St. Sylvester Church in Medford, and on trips to Coney Island, Jones Beach and Washington, D.C. He said the priest also molested five other boys before a group of parents complained and Schaefer was transferred.

Rev. Alfred Soave

ordained 1948; abused 13 year old altar boy in 1970’s.

Rev. Raymond Stegmann

ordained 1950; fondled and sodomized 17 year old sacristan

Rev. Gerald Twomey

ordained 1981; abused a 10 year old boy in 1994 95

Rev. Nicholas Unterstein

abused two teenage girls; defrocked in 1980

Rev. Eugene Vollmer

gave victims porn video, alcohol and marijuana; admitted to abusing

Priest Abuse News:

Nov 6th 2013

In spite of Pope Francis’ urging for the Catholic Church to become more transparent and tolerant, much of the church hierarchy continues to operate in secrecy. This is no more apparent than how the church continues to deal with pedophile priests.

Last week it was revealed in The Star-Ledger that the Catholic Church in New Jersey continues to secretly house pedophile priests, unsupervised and without notifying the local community. In Rutherford, NJ at the St. John Vianney Residence for Retired Priests, at least seven alleged sexual predators have been quietly placed there in the last 15 years. Some stayed for months, others or years. The residence is only a few hundred yards from a Catholic elementary and high school and the blocks teem with children. But at no point did the church find it prudent or necessary to let parents or teachers know that it was housing pedophiles in their neighborhood.

Eleven years ago the nations’ bishops met in Dallas to confront the epidemic of sex abuse by Catholic Clergy. At the summit the church vowed to make the protection of children a priority and open a new era of transparency.

Yet now, when confronted by questions about the support it provides for pedophile priests, the bishops in New Jersey remain silent. In Rutherford, and other church residences around the state the church continues to offer sexual predators financial support and housing. It does so in secrecy and with utter disregard for public safety.

There are serious questions regarding whether the church is even able to supervise sexual offenders. In the spring it was discovered that in New Jersey the Reverend Michael Fugee had violated a court order to stay away from children. In May he was criminally charged after it was discovered he had been attending youth retreats and hearing confessions from minors. Fugee had done this openly and with the blessing of officials in the Catholic Church.

If the goal of the Dallas Summit was to foster transparency and protect children the church has a long way to go. It is inexcusable that sexual predators are secretly being offered unsupervised residence with little or no regard for public safety. The bishop’s refusal to answer questions in New Jersey only continues to protect pedophiles and endanger children.

Pope Benedict Resigns.

But Why?

Church Sexual Abuse


A week after the premiere of Alex Gibney’s new film, Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. This unprecedented move is the first papal resignation in almost 600 years and comes at a time when the church is riven by its role in countless child-abuse scandals.

Mea Maxima Culpa is a horrifying look at the churches decades-old effort to protect and, in some instances aid sexually predatory priests. The film begins with the first known case of a priest being publicly accused of molestation – Father Lawrence Murphy of Milwaukee’s St. John’s School for the Deaf. The story is told through the testimonials of four former students and tells of how a beloved priest systematically raped and abused more than 200 students in his 24-year tenure.

Through the meticulous presentation of timelines, documents, and interviews with a wide variety of sources Gibney ultimately exposes the Vatican’s shameful record and complicity in the scandals. At no time did the church ever place the welfare of the abused children over their concern for protecting the guilty priests. The church’s record is one of denial, obfuscation and omertà. Lurking at the heart of the story is then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now better known as Pope Benedict XVI.

The story in the film begins with the four boys - Terry Kohut, Gary Smith, Pat Kuhen, and Arthur Budzinski – telling of how Father Murphy routinely went about sexually abusing them. Molestation of any child is untenable, but the fact that these children were preyed upon in part because they were deaf makes it even more disturbing. Murphy, who knew American Sign Language, could often communicate with students when their own parents couldn’t. This tool became a cruel and perverse advantage for him.

When the four deaf students reconnected as young adults and recounted their experiences to each other their shared anger led them to attempt to have Murphy arrested and defrocked. At every turn the Catholic Church rebuked them, first denying the accusations and then eventually settling privately with Terry Kohut in a twisted agreement where the church admitted no guilt and held that Kohut was forever barred from any public disclosure.

Privately, the Catholic Church had known for years of Father Murphy molesting children. As early as 1960, Murphy had confessed to another priest, Father David Walsh in the Archdiocese of Chigago, but was left at St. John’s. Walsh went on to report Murphy to the Vatican and by the time it was revealed Murphy had sexually abused the children in Mea Maxima Culpa, the Vatican had known Murphy was a pedophile for 20 years.

Gibney uses the events at St. John’s as a platform to follow what has become an international scandal for the Catholic Church. The Boston Scandal that resulted in the payouts of millions of dollars and the removal of Cardinal Law and the Irish Scandal resulting in the criminal prosecution of Father Tony Walsh show eerily similar patterns to what happened at St. John’s. In every case the church knew of the child-abuse by priests and chose to hide it. In the eyes of the Church protecting the near-deification of priests was always the paramount concern.

Even, over the years, when some priests attempted to intervene, they were bound by cannon law. This required them to report to their superiors, including the Vatican, but also bound them to secrecy outside the church. Most predatory priests were either reassigned, and their new parishes never informed, or simply left where they were. In almost every case they continued to prey upon children.

Throughout the film it is revealed that every case that went to the Vatican ultimately landed on the desk of then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith from 1981 until 2005. In 2001 he put out a decree that all abuse cases would go directly to his desk. By the time he ascended to the papacy in 2005 as Pope Benedict XVI he had become the most knowledgeable person in the world on abuse within the Catholic Church. The comprehensive records he collected remain enshrouded at the Vatican in the archives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.

Meanwhile more cases of child-abuse by priests keep coming to light. Earlier this month documents were released showing how the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles under Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney had tried to stop the investigation into the sexual abuse of hundreds of local children in an effort to protect accused priests. In Germany it was just announced that the Church had called off a national investigation of reported abuse by priests. After pledging transparency and full cooperation, the Church has been accused of attempting to censor the German findings and limit what information would be made public. New cases of abuse by priests are being uncovered in Europe and Latin America.

What Mea Maxima Culpa makes clear is that the entire hierarchy of the Catholic Church is complicit in the long and unbelievable history of pedophile priests. As Terry Kohut and others in the film continue to fight for the Vatican to open its archives and release the records on sexual abuse, one thing remains obvious. The man who sits at the head of the church in his cloak of infallibility resigns knowing he had the power to stop this epidemic and failed to act.




Hawaii Sex Abuse Lawsuit

The state of Hawaii’s Catholic roots date back to the early 19th century when Catholic missionaries were sent to bring the Catholic religion to the island its surrounding environs. The Diocese of Hawaii was officially erected in January 1941 and the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu remains the only diocese serving the Hawaiian islands. The Diocese of Honolulu belongs to the Province of the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Since its inception, the Diocese of Honolulu has been served by religious orders including the Christian Brothers, Marists, Capuchins, Congregation of the Sacred Heart, and Maryknoll Fathers. In addition, the diocese has been served by a number of extern (priests from other locations) priests who serve temporarily in the Diocese of Honolulu.

As is often the case, especially when a diocese is served by a largely transient population of clergy, problems of clergy sexual abuse arise. Sadly, this has been true in Hawaii, especially regarding the Christian Brothers and the Order of the Sacred Heart, both of which have operated schools for minor boys in Hawaii.

Since the abuse crisis broke more than a decade ago, two Hawaii Christian Brothers have been credibly accused of the sexual abuse of minors. Brother Robert Brouillette Brouillette, a Christian Brother who served as a religion and history teacher at Damien High School in Hawaii, was arrested in an undercover sex sting operation in Cook County Illinois in 1997. During the police interrogation, he admitted to possessing more than 400 images of child pornography. He was eventually convicted of possession of 10 counts of child pornography and received probation. He has been the subject of at least three sex abuse allegations during his tenure at Damien High School.

The Christian Brothers continually transferred Brouillette in order to cover-up these sex abuse allegations. In 2004, the Christian Brothers ordered him to a church-run treatment facility in 2004. According to high school yearbooks, Brouillette served at the school in 1971-1973 and 1985-1988. He has since left the Order and changed his last name to Sullivan.


Brother Thomas Cumbert Ford

Ford was perhaps one of the worst abusers in Hawaii. During his tenure as Dean of Students at Damien High School from 1972 to 1975. The abuse he perpetrated on young children included savage physical abuse (on one occasion his physical beating left a young boy unconscious) as well as sexual abuse. In 1996, Canadian law enforcement officials charged him with 9 counts of physically assaulting abandoned children. During this time, he was hiding out in the United States and refused extradition. Eventually, he was convicted and sentenced to five months in jail. He died in 2008. In spite of multiple allegations of beatings and sexual abuse of children in Newfoundland in the late 1950’s Ford was allowed to work as the Dean of Discipline at Damien High School where his reign of terror continued unabated by the Christian Brothers or Hawaii law enforcement.

Thirteen other Catholic priests and brothers serving in Hawaii have been credibly accused of sexually abusing children. While the media has not focused much attention on the Hawaii sexual abuse problem, these names have been compiled from various media sources and sexual abuse lawsuits filed by courageous survivors of sexual abuse. The Diocese of Honolulu has steadfastly refused to publish these names or protect future children from sexual predators. The names of these priests and brothers are: Roberto Batoon, Eugene Blazek, Alphonsus Boumeister, Joseph Bukoski, Roberto A. de Otero, Joseph Ferrario, Lowell Fischer, James Gonsalves, Joseph Henry, James Jackson, Andrew Mannetta, Henry Sabog and Dominic Stone.

The recent decision by the Hawaii Legislature to open the statute of limitations for survivors of sexual abuse provides those who’ve been abused by priests, brothers, coaches, and those in positions of trust and authority in the community to bring civil justice sexual abuse lawsuits against their perpetrators and the institutions that protected them.


Sexual Abuse Clergy Breaking News Link Click Here

Fr. Robert Schaeufele Ordained a Catholic priest in 1975, Fr. Bob preyed on minor boys until his arrest in 2003. He used pizza, video games, and wrestling to entice his young prey into a hellish world of sexual deviation and abuse. In spite of complaints about Schaeufele’s deviant behavior dating back to 1975, the Diocese of St. Petersburg transferred him from parish to parish, allowing him to prey on unsuspecting children and families throughout the Tampa Bay area.Fr. Bob’s trail of human wreckage and tragedy followed his whole priestly career from St. Petersburg, Venice, Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Dade City.

Pedophile Priest Church Clergy

During his tenure at Holy Cross parish in St. Petersburg, he was in charge of the Boy Scouts. After a number of Pinellas Park survivors contacted Attorney Joe Saunders in 2003, the abuse and terror stopped. Saunders contacted local authorities who finally brought this priest-pedophile to justice. He is now serving a 30 year sentence in a Florida penitentiary.

Survivors continue to come forward and recount their tale of abuse and suffering at the hands of this abuser. As late as the 1990’s a priest living with Fr. Bob at Holy Cross Catholic Church in St. Petersburg warned the Diocese of St. Petersburg about Schaeufele. Yet, he was allowed to continue to abuse. Many of these survivors didn’t come forward immediately because they feared eternal damnation. After all, as good Catholics they had been taught that a priest is another Christ. They didn’t dare accuse a priest of sexual misconduct.


The founding and development of Saunders & Walker, P.A. fulfills a personal philosophic goal of Mr. Saunders to provide aggressive, quality representation and seek fair compensation for individuals and their families who have suffered.

Attorney Joe Saunders


News Upfdate

Just days after Pope Francis announced a new Vatican commission to explore ways the church can protect children from abuse and care for victims, a group of advocates led by Massachusetts Citizens for Children sent an open letter to Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley. The letter urges head of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston to back legislation that would extend the statute of limitations in Massachusetts on cases brought by victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Currently in Massachusetts abuse victims only have until they are 21 to file a lawsuit in civil court. The new bill will allow victims to file civil suits up to the age of 55. A separate bill would open a one-year window for those older than 55 to file claims.

The statute of limitations plays an important and long-standing role in criminal and civil jurisprudence, but in cases of childhood sexual abuse it is imperative that it be lengthened.

I believe these bills are crucial in helping stem the plague of sexual abuse by clergy that has rocked the Catholic Church. In many cases I have seen that young victims of sex abuse are often reluctant to come forward. There are significant and unique barriers that prevent children from reporting what they intuitively know is inappropriate behavior. Fear of the accusing their abuser, the stigma of being abused, and a reluctance to confront the church often keep sexual abuse from being reported. For many abused children it often is well into adulthood before they are willing or able to confront their abuser.

Hundreds of sexual predators were brought to justice and a generation of children protected after similar legislation was passed in California and Delaware. There is also currently similar legislation pending in New jersey and Pennsylvania. Lawmakers have begun to realize that reforming statute of limitations can be an effective tool in stopping sexual predators.

In the Boston Archdiocese alone there have been 1,100 victims of sexual abuse in the last 10 years and the church has paid out almost $150 million in damages from civil lawsuits. Because of that there is concern that the church will not support extending the statute of limitations because it will open them up to additional liability in decades-old cases and harm their already shaky finances.

What the church in Massachusetts should remember is that their long history of shielding pedophile priests from prosecution, coupled with a short statute of limitations, means they are complicit in allowing pedophiles to continue to roam free and continue to prey on children.


Cardinal Mahoney Hid Catholic Priests from Law Enforcement

Secret records of Los Angeles Archdiocese show that Cardinal Mahoney and other top Los Angeles priests moved child molester priests out of state to avoid police investigations. Court orders in civil lawsuits in Los Angeles required public release of priest personnel files February 1, 2013.

The 20,000 pages of documents released document a conspiracy for at least 40 years led by recently retired Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney. The Catholic Church has fought for years to keep these files secret but the survivors of abuse who brought the civil lawsuits persevered to make the conspiracy public. Many of the survivors of abuse felt vindicated by the proof that at least 124 priests were raping, drugging, and abusing children and were being protected by Cardinal Mahoney and the officials of the Archdiocese.

Cardinal Mahoney and other top priests in Los Angeles had usually accused the abused children of lying and making up false allegations of abuse. The files that were released show that the Church tried to delay investigations so that statutes of limitations would run out on both civil and criminal cases.

The documents show that Cardinal Mahoney knew that mental health counselors in California were required to report child abuse to authorities so they arranged to have perverted priests evaluated by psychologists in other states so that the abuse of children could be kept secret from law enforcement.

Current Los Angeles Archbishop Jose H. Gomez criticized Cardinal Mahoney who retired 2 years ago at his mandatory retirement age. Archbishop Gomez restricted Cardinal Mahoney’s faculties to perform confirmations as punishment. Only the Vatican can remove Cardinal Mahony from the priesthood. There has been no action or comment from the Vatican. This is the first time ever that a bishop has criticized another bishop for protecting child molesters.

The Los Angeles documents confirm the existence of a worldwide conspiracy in the Catholic Church to protect child molester priests and accuse abused children of being liars. A Petition has been filed with the International Court in the Hague accusing the Pope of crimes against humanity but that is unlikely to go anywhere due to world politics. The Vatican has sovereign immunity from most criminal charges since the Holy See enjoys status as an independent nation. The Vatican received this sovereign status from Mussolini in World War II in exchange for supporting Mussolini’s fascist regime.

Pope Benedict who was called Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he was anointed Pope was in charge of handling child molester priest reports worldwide before becoming Pope. That is the basis of the crime against humanity charge against him.

I have personally investigated cases in Florida where priests were transferred out of the United States when law enforcement started to investigate. These international transfers were always successful in protecting the priests. I hope someday Interpol will conduct a worldwide investigation so the full extent of the conspiracy can be revealed.




Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky and Philadelphia priest Monsignor William Lynn were both convicted of crimes against children on the same day. Two different juries in Pennsylvania believed survivors of childhood sexual abuse and spoke truth to power. Both cases involved powerful institutions covering up abuse of children.

Monsignor William Lynn was the first high level catholic clergyman to be convicted of a crime for covering up child abuse and moving priests to other churches without telling parishioners. Bishop Robert Lynn of the Diocese of St. Joseph-Kansas City is also facing criminal charges for failing to follow Missouri law that required him to make a report to law enforcement about a priest he knew had child pornography which he kept secret. A jury trial is expected later in 2012 in that case.


Jerry Sandusky Penn State Abuse Victims

Joe Paterno, the 84-year-old coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions has been ousted in the wake of a growing sex scandal involving one of his former defensive coordinators Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky was arrested over the weekend and faces mounting charges of criminal sexual abuse of children as more Sandusky victims come forward to law enforcement authorities.





Diocese of Rochester Lawsuit Watch

The Diocese comprises 12 counties in New York State (Monroe, Cayuga, Livingston, Wayne, Tioga, Tompkins, Ontario, Seneca, Schuyler, Yates, Steuben, and Chemung) with 350, 000 Catholics in 125 parishes. The Diocese was created in 1868. Since the 1950’s, at least 19 priests of the Diocese of Rochester have been accused of priest sexual abuse.

Diocese of Syracuse Lawsuit Watch

There are approximately 300,000 Catholics in 142 parishes in the Diocese of Syracuse. The Diocese was created in 1886 from the Archdiocese of New York. The Diocese covers seven counties of Central and South Central New York State. The seven counties are Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga and Oswego. Since the 1950’s at least 17 priests have been credibly accused of sexual abuse.

Pedophile Priest Abuse Lawsuit Alert

Rev Bernard Casper-ordained 1955; originally ordained for Pueblo CO; abused boys in Rochester, two were in the custody of Casper as their guardian. Rochester diocese denied giving Casper permission to serve as a priest.

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Why we care?

For many, the priest abuse scandal in the Catholic Church began in 2002 with the groundbreaking exposé of the Boston Globe. The newspaper’s Spotlight Team of investigative reporters determined to search the documents and archives of the Archdiocese of Boston.

What they found and eventually reported was an astonishing history of priest abuse, subsequent cover-up by the Archdiocese of Boston, and the castigation of the victims.

The Globe initially reported on the sexual abuse of one priest, John Geoghan. The incidents of abuse were numerous and the victims were minor boys often from single parent homes with little financial resources. The Team’s research uncovered more than one pedophile’s sick plunder of parishes and families within the Archdiocese of Boston.

They found that the Archdiocese of Boston, including Cardinals Cushing, Medeiros, and Law, had known about Geoghan’s abuse and allowed him to continue serving as a parish priest. Each time Geoghan would sexually molest a young boy and the Archdiocese became aware of the abuse, high ranking officials of the Archdiocese would meet with Geoghan, send him for counseling, and re-assign him to another parish to abuse other young boys.

This cycle of abuse lasted for decades because the officials of the Archdiocese did not report the abuse to civil authorities or parishioners who would welcome the priest predator into their homes and their lives.

Once the Spotlight Team recognized the extent of the conspiracy of silence and cover-up, they focused their investigation on the Archdiocese’s role in allowing priest pedophiles to continue abusing minors. This was not an easy task for the Boston Globe. They had to fight the church in court in order to obtain the internal church documents that revealed the abuse, secrecy, and cover-up by the Archdiocese. The acrimony between Cardinal Bernard Law and the Boston Globe became so intense that Cardinal Law publicly condemned the newspaper and invoked God’s wrath on them for their reporting! The entire time Law denied the cover-up and conspiracy by minimizing Geoghan and his abuse as “isolated incidents”.

As the furor in Boston continued, other dioceses and archdioceses around the country came under the same scrutiny as Boston. A similar pattern of abuse, conspiracy and cover-up was found in these churches as well. Dioceses and Archdioceses as diverse as Davenport, Manchester, Miami, Dubuque, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Paul, San Diego, Portland, and Spokane had similar horror stories of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests and nuns.

Eventually, every diocese and Archdiocese in the United States was affected by the scandal that had its seminal moment in Boston.

The stories of victims were similar in each locale. A priest abuser would befriend a family, attaching himself to a minor, grooming him with gifts and friendship, then abusing the unsuspecting child. The response of the church was similar as well. Church officials, bishops and cardinals, would receive reports of abusive priests, transfer them to another parish, tell the families that the incident was isolated and that they would “fix” the problem.

In many instances, the families would be instructed not to talk about the abuse and pray for the pedophile priest. In other instances, the victims would suffer in silence and try to cope as best they could with the abuse.

Their lives were marred with alcoholism, broken relationships, drug abuse, and feelings of inadequacy, suicide, isolation, and loss of faith.

The Church’s response to the victims has been to deny their abuse, minimize it, attack them for saying something bad about a priest, or telling the victim that the abuse was his fault.